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Learn CPR/AED, First Aid, Heart CPR, and BLS for healthcare providers. Flexible scheduling for individuals and groups. Contact us at 407-801-2924 for inquiries or to book a session.

American Heart Association aligned Instructor

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Heart CPR training
CPR and AED classes for all

CPR/AED Certification, First Aid
Bloodborne Pathogens, Bleeding Control

BLS classes for health providers, Advanced CPR for medical professions.

BLS training: Advanced CPR for
Healthcare Pros. Covers Adult,
Child, Infant CPR, 2-person rescue, & Choking.

In person CPR Classes, we come to you.

We come to you and train your group
at your location. Large and small groups can be accommodated.

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Blended Classes online for CPR/AED Certification, First Aid
Bloodborne Pathogens, Bleeding Control

Welcome to
New Heart CPR Training

New Heart CPR in Orlando is your go-to for CPR and First Aid certification training, catering to diverse needs at home, work, or school. Originally focused on CPR, AED & First Aid classes, we’ve expanded to offer AED training and CPR program management to various organizations in Orlando. Our goal is to instill confidence in every participant, ensuring they’re prepared to respond effectively in any emergency.

new heart cpr logo

New Heart CPR Orlando

At New Heart CPR in Orlando, we provide American Heart Association certifications for CPR, AED, First Aid, BLS, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Friends and Family CPR training programs, all valid for two years, with timely renewal recommended to stay current.


Renewal Options at New Heart CPR Orlando

Regular CPR practice is essential for proficiency; consider bi-monthly or quarterly sessions at New Heart CPR in Orlando for ongoing skill maintenance and renewal.


Latest AHA Guidelines at New Heart CPR Orlando

New Heart CPR Orlando integrates the latest American Heart Association guidelines into all certification courses, emphasizing the importance of regular CPR practice and updates.

Welcome to the heart of lifesaving skills in New Heart CPR! Our CPR Classes in Orlando are not just classes; they’re a vibrant experience where you’ll learn to save lives with a smile. Imagine this: You, the hero of the hour, equipped with the confidence to handle any emergency with ease. That’s what our CPR Training Orlando is all about!

Dive into our CPR Skills Session Orlando, where the beat of ‘Stayin’ Alive’ isn’t just for the dance floor—it’s the rhythm for chest compressions. Our hands-on sessions are so engaging, you’ll forget you’re not at one of Orlando’s famous theme parks. Our certified instructors are like the guides on the best roller coaster ride, leading you through the ups and downs of life-saving techniques with enthusiasm and expertise.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a concerned parent, or a curious cat with nine lives to spare, our training is tailored to suit your needs. We make learning CPR as delightful as a sunny day in Orlando. So, come join us! It’s time to pump up the fun and pump life back into those who need it most. With our CPR Training Orlando, you’re not just learning—you’re laughing, living, and preparing to lend a life-saving hand. Let’s make the world a safer place, one beat at a time!


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Michelle Boyd
Michelle Boyd
July 2, 2024
Great class, full of good information!!!
Oscar Longo
Oscar Longo
June 27, 2024
Instructions were clear and direct. If I had any confusion clear clarification.
Migdalia Ramos
Migdalia Ramos
May 7, 2024
Claro y preciso
Aslin Flores
Aslin Flores
April 27, 2024
Excelente adiestramiento. Me encanto Como LA instructora Vivian lo enseño, muy ameno.
Giovanni Maldonado
Giovanni Maldonado
April 27, 2024
What a great class to take , especially by an experienced instructor. Very important to take these classes especially if you have children and to be prepared for unexpected situations life throws you. The instructor Vivian was hands on and very detailed, I recommended.
Adalyn Hernandez
Adalyn Hernandez
April 27, 2024
I just recently attended CPR with the instructor Vivian, it was a great experience. I totally recommend taking the course with her , it was an outstanding performance, and was very hands on !!
Nathan Figueroa
Nathan Figueroa
April 27, 2024
New Heart CPR provided exceptional training to the teachers at Pentecostal Theological University. The instructor Vivian was knowledgeable, professional, and engaging throughout the entire session. The training was thorough and hands-on, ensuring that all participants felt confident in their CPR skills. The facilities were well-equipped and conducive to learning. Overall, the experience was nothing short of amazing, and I highly recommend New Heart CPR for anyone looking to receive top-notch CPR training. Thank you for a fantastic learning experience!" P.S the music was amazing
pedro castillo
pedro castillo
April 27, 2024
Tremenda instructora se toma su tiempo Para enseñar y explicar cada paso, muy profesional la recomiendo. Y en un ambiente Cristiano. Gracias!
Nathan and Valeria Figueroa
Nathan and Valeria Figueroa
April 27, 2024
Great course! I feel trained and much more ready for emergency situations! Vivian was well educated and confident in her material. Thank you New Heart CPR!
kiara ortiz
kiara ortiz
April 27, 2024
Un adiestramiento bien completo y necesario para poder ayudar en una emergencia La recomiendo 💯 a la instructora vivian
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